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Our services

  • Strategy

    Innovation and Smart Technology workshops
    Innovation and Improvement roadmap
    Business process analysis & optimization
    TCO, ROI and Business cases
    Organizational audits
    KPI and SLA definition and benchmarking
  • Architecture

    Smart Technology functional and technical design
    Enterprise Architecture

    IOT Data Architecture
    Product selection and Bill Of Material
    Quality Assurance

  • Development

    Data dashboards and reports
    Data cleaning, enrichment and mapping
    Smart App development
    Integration in existing applications
  • Implementation

    IOT Proof of concepts
    Installation and configuration
    Deployment and roll-out

    Project management
    Communication & training

  • Expert consultancy

    Periodic health checks
    Performance measurements and analysis
    Performance metrics and log data correlation
    Advanced troubleshooting


  • Managed services

    Smart sensors and gateways management
    Third line support
    KPI and SLA management
    Continuous Improvement
    Performance management
    Long term/large project staffing

Upcoming events



Welkom in de wondere wereld van IoT op de NMCT Studienamiddag 28 juni 2017

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Internet of Things convention Europ

Second edition: Internet of Things Convention Europe
June 15th 2017, Mechelen

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May 14 - New Inimco office in Ghent !

We are happy to announce that we have moved office locations to a new and much bigger space. The new office will allow us to accommodate our exponential growth.  

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Apr 26 - Increase security of IoT Devices with Microsoft Azure Sphere

The number of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide will jump 12 percent on average annually, from nearly 27 billion in 2017 to 125 billion in 2030, according to recent studies.  In the coming years, almost every household appliance, every industrial device and every electronic gadget will be connected to the internet.  The possibilities to improve our lives are almost endless…

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Mar 27 - Job opening : software engineer/hero

What do you tell your uncle during family parties ?

You : I work as a C# developer in innovative IoT projects, helping customers in their digital transformation !
Uncle Jos : So you can you fix my PC at home ? And my IT specialty is Facebook, especially Farmville !
You: < facepalm > 

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