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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

We've been working hard the last weeks and are excited to present our new website.  The look and feel reflects the way we work: no-nonsense, pragmatic and result-driven.  We hope you like it, let us know what you think about it!

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Posted by inimco on 27/09/2016

Smart Technology and Farming: Real-time control of pig-life

Smart Technology and Farming: Real-time control of pig-life

The great desire of the pig-farming industry becomes a reality with the PigControl software packaged by Connecting Agri & Food, subsidiary of the Dutch company “DLV Advies” and developed by Tagologic and Inimco.

At any time of the day the business owner is completely in charge of controlling his business in response to accurate information consisting of the current status within departments of the stables on the farm.

Selecting the right sensor for the right job is not an easy feat. Whether a particular gas sensor is suitable for a specific application will depend in heavily on the sensor’s attributes, the environment it’s being specified for, and the job it’s being asked to perform. For the vast majority, Inimco has solved a myriad of industry challenges providing accuracy, reliability, repeatability and a wide range of features to meet these particular requirements based on quality, manageability and reliability at an affordable price.

Read the full article (in Dutch) on the DLV Advies website .

About DLV Advies: DLV Advies Consultancy is an independent consultancy for entrepreneurs, farmers and public bodies in the agricultural sector. Our specialists provide advice worldwide on construction, business management, land and livestock, and connecting the parties in the supply chain. Our in-depth expertise in each of our wide range of areas gives us unparalleled insight into the whole of the international agricultural playing field.

About Tagologic: Tagologic is an innovative Dutch technology company that developed and patented a technology to worldwide unique code, specify and identify all digital and physical objects. The Tagologic TAG is designed for multiple branches and products: extended product information, counterfeit and chain optimization and transparency.

About Inimco: Inimco is a consultancy company specialized in helping customers to innovate, improve processes and find new business opportunities based on Smart Technology. We combine a pragmatic methodology with broad enterprise experience and in-depth technical knowledge.

Posted by inimco on 20/10/2016

Best Wishes for 2017!

Best Wishes for 2017!

Prettige Feestdagen!

Bonnes Fêtes!

Happy Winter Holidays!

Posted by inimco on 23/12/2016

Machine builders and manufacturing: Starting with Industry 4.0 based on OPC and Microsoft Azure IOT

Machine builders and manufacturing:  Starting with Industry 4.0 based on OPC and Microsoft Azure IOT

We all know the benefits of Industry 4.0 when it comes to operational efficiency, engaging customers and transforming products to products + services.  The main question is: where to start?  Looking to what you already have and connecting OPC data with Azure IOT can open a lot opportunities.

Start with what you already have. When you look at industrial machines, the chances are that they have an OPC interface.  OPC (Ole for process control) was first released in 1996 with the purpose to create a more standardized interface between PLC specific protocols and HMI/SCADA systems.  This evolved into a more service-oriented architecture, which is known as OPC UA (Universal Architecture) today.  This is in fact a standardized and secure abstraction layer or programming interface between industrial equipment and IT systems, opening a lot of opportunities.  Since Microsoft is a partner of the OPC Foundation and both are innovators for Industry 4.0, a secure interconnection between Azure IOT and OPC UA is one of the results.

What can you do with it? By connecting your machines with Azure IOT, the incoming data opens a big box of opportunities.  Think about real-time remote monitoring, remote services, predictive maintenance, adding augmented reality, …  This can be overwhelming and in a lot of cases just blocks to progress of IOT projects since it is too much at once.  Creating a step-by-step approach with a good roadmap is the way to go, starting with easy achievable goals.

The most common scenario to start with, is remote monitoring: a field service engineer gets notifications of alarm conditions, can check remotely on a real-time dashboard what the actual status of the machine is and can start diagnosing remotely based on the collected data.  This scenario already delivers value in different ways: a faster response reduces machine downtime, the first diagnosis is done remotely and could lead to a remote resolution, which is again faster and saves on transport costs.

Once this step is made, you can start thinking about further integration into your processes: making the link with your ERP and CRM system for real-time asset management, a customer portal with real-time reports about productivity, SLA information, …

What is needed to achieve this?  Starting with the connection between the OPC UA server and the Azure IOT platform, Microsoft Power BI can deliver very powerful dashboards based on the data produced by the machines and can aggregate other data sources (like data from an ERP system).  Tools such as Microsoft Log Analytics are efficient in handling events, logs, alerts coming from machines and triggering alarms and actions.

What if I have an older version of OPC? It is not always possible to upgrade to the latest OPC UA version on legacy machines.  Even when you have an older version (like OPC DA), we can convert this on the IOT gateway towards OPC UA and make the connection with Azure IOT in the same way as newer machines.

Start exploring the potential of connected machines today Do you want to learn more about the advantages for your business and how to get started? Contact us for a ‘beyond the buzzwords’ workshop or for more information about the technical aspects!

Posted by inimco on 15/02/2017

Vacature: Cloud & IOT Solutions Architect (vast of freelance)

Vacature: Cloud & IOT Solutions Architect (vast of freelance)

Als Cloud & IOT Solutions Architect ben je verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerp en de correcte uitwerking van schaalbare oplossingen gebaseerd op Internet-Of-Things- en cloud-technologie.

Concreet omvat jouw takenpakket volgende aspecten:

  • Vertaling van de noden van prospects en klanten rond Cloud, Industry 4.0 en Internet Of Things in een functionele en technische architectuur, gebaseerd op Microsoft Azure Services;
  • Offertes uitwerken en verdedigen samen met de commercieel verantwoordelijke;
  • Ondersteunen van de Project Manager in de uitvoering van het project en de aansturing van developers en system engineers;
  • Bewaken van de kwaliteit van de opgeleverde oplossingen;
  • Op de voet volgen van de laatste technologische trends en optreden als technology evangelist, zowel intern als richting klanten.

Uw profiel

  • Je behaalde een Master-diploma in een ICT-richting;
  • Minimum 5 jaar ICT ervaring en minstens 3 jaar als technical architect of solution  architect;
  • Microsoft Certified Professional met “Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions” certificaat is een pluspunt;
  • Kennis van best-practices en design-principes rond software-ontwikkeling en data-modellering;
  • Een goed inzicht in data-flows en berichtuitwisseling;
  • Affiniteit met Internet Of Things-oplossingen;
  • Ervaring met volgende technologiën:
    • EAI, B2B en SOA oplossingen;
    • Azure messaging systemen (zoals IOT Hub, Service bus, ...);
    • API management;
    • Azure storage;
    • Database-technologie (voornamelijk Microsoft SQL);
    • Programmeren in .Net;
  • Je denkt oplossingsgericht, bent een team-player met de juiste consultancy-ingesteldheid;
  • Talenkennis: vlot kunnen spreken, lezen en schrijven in Nederlands, Engels en Frans.

Ons aanbod

  • De mogelijkheid om deel uit te maken van een jong, groeiend en innovatief bedrijf waarin je nog echt het verschil kan maken;
  • Een werkomgeving waar toewijding, persoonlijke integriteit en respect tot de basiswaarden behoren van onze no-nonssens bedrijfscultuur;
  • Een boeiend pallet van projecten in diverse industriële omgevingen, de ruimte om creatief om te gaan met Internet Of Things, om initiatief te nemen en te groeien;
  • Een volledig verloningspakket, aangevuld met bedrijfswagen en andere extralegale voordelen.


Lijkt deze job iets voor jou?  Neem dan zeker contact op met ons via of bel +32 9 298 14 64.



cloud, IoT, Architect, Microsoft, Azure, Data flows, EAI, B2B, SOA, Azure Messaging, API, Storage, Databases, .Net, C#, consultancy, Visual Studio, TOGAF, ZACHMAN, Archimate, Data Science


Posted by inimco on 09/03/2017

Inimco is presenting at the NMCT IoT Fest on 28/6

Inimco is presenting at the NMCT IoT Fest on 28/6

The latest technology around IoT, Data Analytics and augmented reality opens a big box of opportunities for manufacturing and machine builders.  During this session, we will give a practical approach to how this can be implemented from sensor to end-user and show how the technology is driving the business opportunities.

Posted by inimco on 05/06/2017

Vacature: Junior Software Engineer .Net

Vacature: Junior Software Engineer .Net

Als software engineer bij Inimco bouw je Internet-Of-Things oplossingen en cloud-gebaseerde platformen en zorg je voor de integratie met de applicatie- en business-laag.
Je bouwt mee aan oplossingen die echt een verschil maken voor onze klanten en hen toelaten om eigen processen en producten te verbeteren, intelligentie toe te voegen en hun core business te innoveren.

Concreet omvat jouw takenpakket volgende aspecten:

  • Software engineering voor cloud-gebaseerde platformen (hoofdzakelijk MS Azure) en IoT-oplossingen;
  • API-ontwikkeling;
  • Documentatie (as-built) en opleiding;
  • Op de voet volgen van de laatste technologische trends rond Industrial IoT;
  • Je werkt voornamelijk bij klanten in België of vanuit de Inimco hoofdzetel.

Uw profiel

  • Je behaalde een Bachelor-diploma in een ICT-richting of gelijkwaardig door ervaring;
  • Een eerste werkervaring met een achtergrond als .Net developer;
  • Kennis van best-practices en design-principes rond software-ontwikkeling;
  • Sterke interesse in Cloud- en Internet Of Things-oplossingen;
  • Ervaring met volgende technologieën is een pluspunt:
    • Database-technologie (voornamelijk Microsoft SQL);
    • Programmeren in .Net;
    • Powershell.
  • Je denkt oplossingsgericht, bent leergierig en een team-player met de juiste consultancy-ingesteldheid;
  • Talenkennis: vlot kunnen spreken, lezen en schrijven in Nederlands en Engels, goede kennis van Frans is een pluspunt.

Ons aanbod

  • De mogelijkheid om deel uit te maken van een jong, groeiend en innovatief bedrijf waarin je nog echt het verschil kan maken.
  • Een opleidingstraject naar Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft Azure-oplossingen;
  • Een werkomgeving waar toewijding, persoonlijke integriteit en respect tot de basiswaarden behoren van onze no-nonssens bedrijfscultuur;
  • Een boeiend pallet van projecten in diverse omgevingen, de ruimte om creatief om te gaan met Internet Of Things, om initiatief te nemen en te groeien;
  • Een volledig verloningspakket, aangevuld met bedrijfswagen en andere extralegale voordelen.


Lijkt deze job iets voor jou?  Neem dan zeker contact op met ons via of bel +32 9 298 14 64.

Posted by inimco on 27/09/2017

Join the Inimco team!

Join the Inimco team!

Inimco is a young and dynamic company helping customers to add intelligence into processes and products and innovate their core business by applying smart technology based on IoT, cloud services and data analysis.  We are looking for talents with a passion for new technology.

We currently have open positions both for junior and more experienced profiles, payroll or freelance.  Contact us at and let's discuss your career opportunities together!

Posted by inimco on 27/09/2017

How API management can increase your revenue

How API management can increase your revenue

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of making a company’s information assets and services available to outside parties would frighten CIO’s and IT managers. Not only are the most innovative companies doing exactly that today, but they are seeing enormous business value as a result. Companies are increasing their growth, generating (additional) revenue and accelerating innovation by sharing services via application programming interfaces (APIs).

Externally published APIs enable companies to break into new markets and reach customers and partners they never would have reached before. Perhaps an even bigger but harder to measure impact is being achieved when companies expose API's internally so that different parts of the company can make use of each other’s data and applications.

For most, if not all organizations, the API economy proves to be an enabler to creating new services and capabilities, which will ultimately lead to new streams of revenue. With the mainstreaming of APIs and the popular services that make use of them, organizations must make APIs a serious factor in their business model.

APIs have become crucial for supporting development of mobile apps, creating new kinds of partner relationships, and promoting innovation. Some of the advantages of using an API management platform include:

  • Business and operational insights through reports and dashboards
  • Secured and protected channel between API gateway and business applications
  • Request authentication and authorization, from consumer to API
  • Interactive API documentation
  • Facade layer to decouple internal implementation (extending life of older APIs)
  • Self-service on-boarding and efficient off-boarding processes

At Inimco we are convinced that through the progress of mobile technology and the Internet of Things, the API economy will continue to grow and flourish at a rapid pace. Inimco already implements API management solutions at our customers who understand the importance of innovation and who are adopting their business model to the new API economy.

API Management

Posted by inimco on 20/02/2018

Wat je op café wil vertellen over je job

Wat je op café wil vertellen over je job

Ik ben de architect voor hoogtechnologische Factory of the Future oplossingen. Voor onze klanten ontwerp ik de productie-machines van de toekomst die gekoppeld zijn met artificiële intelligentie. En ik heb vaak meetings met Elon Musk. Over raketten. Meer kan ik niet zeggen. Ik heb al teveel gezegd.

Wat je écht doet

OK, op café durf je natuurlijk altijd wat te overdrijven. Een beetje. Wat zou je dan écht doen?

Daarover lees je alles via deze link.  Interesse?  Contacteer ons dan via!

Inimco open positions

Posted by inimco on 22/02/2018

Unleashing the power of IoT Edge components

Unleashing the power of IoT Edge components

Data collection

Data collection is one of the first steps to consider when implementing an IoT solution.  Manufacturing machines can be equipped with small sensors to measure all sorts of parameters, e.g. temperature, number of products produced, tension, etc.  In a next step, this data needs to be uploaded to a central IoT Hub, typically running in a public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure.

A very simple architecture to implement this, is by having direct connections from each of your sensors to the central hub:

Once the raw data is in the central IoT hub, the analytics service can do its magic, and provide the users with a clear interface, showing all sorts of views on the production process.

However, this simple architecture does spark some concerns, including:

  • Availability: what happens if the Internet connectivity of your production plant fails? Will production data be lost? Can the IoT devices buffer a large amount of data?

  • Bandwidth usage : if hundreds of devices start uploading a continuous stream of very detailed raw data, a lot of bandwidth will be needed;

  • Speed of detection: a device anomaly can only be identified when the data has been uploaded and analyzed by the IoT hub, although the sensor itself is much faster aware of the problem.


IoT Edge

The concerns mentioned above can be tackled by implementing an on-premise “edge” component, the so called IoT Edge.  The architecture still remains straight-forward:

The picture above shows that the IoT devices in the production plant no longer directly communicate to the IoT Hub, but connect to the local IoT Edge component.  This component assembles all data, and establishes one single connection to the central IoT Hub running in the public cloud.  If the Internet connection would fail, the IoT edge component will buffer all data, and send it to the IoT Hub once connectivity has been restored.

However, IoT Edge is much more than a simple fall-back mechanism to cope with connectivity loss, as it can also take care of :

  • data aggregation: the edge component can analyse the collected raw data, perform a first data aggregation or clean-up, and send only the relevant data to the central IoT hub.  This will substantially decrease the amount of data sent to the public cloud;

  • Low Latency communication between all sensors and the on-premise IoT Edge, when nearly real-time communication is needed;

  • Artificial Intelligence: by using Edge Modules, you can simply deploy complex event processing, machine learning, image recognition or other high value Artificial Intelligence modules, without developing a single line of code yourself.

  • Bring your own code: IoT Edge allows you to deploy your own code to the IoT devices.

  • Privacy of data: only the necessary aggregated data is transferred to the central IoT Hub, other data remains locally.


Devices :

IoT Edge can run on all sorts of devices, on different operating systems.  For industrial applications, Inimco proposes to work with Advantech equipment, including different models from:

  • Advantech UNO series
  • Advantech ADAM series
  • Advantech WISE series


Inimco has been using the IoT Edge principles in many of its customer implementations; we are a strong advocate of this concept because of the:

  • Possibility to connect with local data sources, such as data historians, OPC Servers, … and process data locally and centrally;
  • Control centrally, but run locally principle;
  • flexibility of centrally deploying code (using Docker containers);
  • possibilities towards (IoT) device management;
  • fact that data can be processed and anonymized locally;
  • local detection of anomalies in real-time scenarios;


Azure IoT Edge, currently in public preview, is making it possible to achieve these architecture principles in an easier and more controlled manner.  Inimco is currently already testing multiple industrial customer scenarios with Azure IoT Edge.

Contact us if you need more information on how Azure IoT Edge can accelerate your IoT plans.

Posted by inimco on 22/03/2018

Job opening : software engineer/hero

Job opening : software engineer/hero

Who are we ?

Inimco is a consultancy company specialized in helping customers to innovate, improve processes and find new business opportunities based on Smart Technology. We combine a pragmatic methodology with broad enterprise experience and in-depth technical knowledge of best of breed Internet Of Things solutions.

What do you tell your uncle during family parties ?

You : I work as a C# developer in innovative IoT projects, helping customers in their digital transformation !
Uncle Jos : So you can you fix my PC at home ? And my IT specialty is Facebook, especially Farmville !
You: < facepalm > 

What would you really be doing ?

  • Develop software, mainly for cloud based solutions in the context of Internet of Things or Factory of the Future projects;
  • Development & maintenance of API’s (as API Management is an important building block);
  • Follow-up of new evolutions and trends with respect to Industrial IoT solutions;
  • Working from the Inimco HQ (Ghent area), or one of our customers;
  • Documentation of your code (we know, but it’s necessary);

What do we expect ?

  • You have a bachelor degree in ICT (or similar experience);
  • You’re smart & sharp. C sharp, that is;
  • You have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a C# developer in an enterprise environment;
  • You’re experienced with architecting and building .NET applications and writing Powershell scripts;
  • You have experience with API development, (Azure) Cloud services, Microservices, Visual Studio (Team Services) deployments;
  • A nice plus if you have experience with mobile application development (Xamarin);
  • You have experience with Microsoft SQL server;
  • You care about code quality;
  • Fluent in Dutch and English; Good working knowledge of French is a plus !

What can we offer ?

  • A complete salary package, including company car and fringe benefits;
  • Being part of a young, fast growing and innovative company, where you –as an individual- can make a difference!
  • Cutting edge technology (C#, IoT Hub, API Management, Analytics, etc);
  • Emphasis on learning and development;
  • Certification path to MCSA: Cloud Platform Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate;
  • Challenging customer projects in areas where all sorts of cool things are happening these days;
  • No nonsense. Just make it happen;
  • An office in the coolest city in Belgium: Ghent!

Interested ?

Is this your dream job you have been looking for? Get in touch with us via or give us a call on +32 78 35 35 31.  Even if you don’t meet all requirements, but you are willing to learn these technologies, do not hesitate to contact us !


Job opening - Software engineer

Posted by inimco on 27/03/2018

Increase security of IoT Devices with Microsoft Azure Sphere

Increase security of IoT Devices with Microsoft Azure Sphere

The number of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide will jump 12 percent on average annually, from nearly 27 billion in 2017 to 125 billion in 2030, according to recent studies.  In the coming years, almost every household appliance, every industrial device and every electronic gadget will be connected to the internet.  The possibilities to improve our lives are almost endless…

However, Internet connectivity is not a one-way street; if the IoT devices are able to connect to the Internet, chances are that it is technically possible to connect back through this communication channel, and reach back to the devices in your house; image how it would be if a hacker could

  • get access to the security cameras in your house;
  • control implantable cardiac devices (cardiac devices from St. Jude, 2017);
  • control the webcams at home (TRENDnet Webcam Hack);
  • take over the steering wheel of your car whilst driving (the Jeep Hack, 2015);

All IoT devices have a tiny chip, often smaller than the size of your thumbnail, called a microcontroller (MCU). The MCU functions as the brain of the device, hosting the compute, storage, memory, and an operating system right on the device.  Most hackers will target this MCU to gain access to the device;

Microsoft Azure Sphere to the rescue

Microsoft has been investigating the IoT security challenge for many years, and identified:

  • the need for a hardware root of trust to protect and defend the software on a device;
  • the need for multiple layers of defense-in-depth, both in hardware and in software, to stop hackers even if they fully breach one layer of security;
  • the need for hardware, software, and cloud to work together to secure a device.

Mid april 2017, Microsoft announced Azure Sphere, a new solution for creating highly-secured, Internet-connected microcontroller (MCU) devices. Azure Sphere includes three components that work together to protect and power devices at the intelligent edge.

  • Azure Sphere certified microcontrollers (MCUs): A new class of MCUs that combines both real-time and application processors with built-in Microsoft security technology and connectivity;

  • Azure Sphere OS: This OS is purpose-built to offer unequalled security and agility, using multiple layers of security. It combines security innovations, a security monitor, and a custom Linux kernel to create a highly-secured software environment and a trustworthy platform for new IoT experiences;

  • Azure Sphere Security Service: A cloud service that guards every Azure Sphere device; brokering trust for device-to-device and device-to-cloud communication through certificate-based authentication, detecting emerging security threats across the entire Azure Sphere ecosystem through online failure reporting, and renewing security through software updates.

Azure Sphere is currently in private preview. Microsoft is working closely with device manufacturers to build future products powered by Azure Sphere.  The first secured devices are expected to be available by the end of 2018. At Inimco we are very interested in this technological evolution, as security always is top priority in our IoT implementations!


Posted by inimco on 26/04/2018

New Inimco office in Ghent !

New Inimco office in Ghent  !

We are happy to announce that we have moved office locations to a new and much bigger space, which will allow us to accommodate our exponential growth.  Our new office is near Ghent, by far the coolest city in the world: Kortrijksesteenweg 180 - 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem. 

The soccer table will be installed later this week.  If you want to join our cool company, do not hesitate to get in touch with us !

Posted by inimco on 14/05/2018